Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slow & steady

Hoping that slow & steady equals progress! Have gone to the gym twice this week so far & have had 2 soda-free days. I can barely keep my arms up to type this. LOL! I am attempting to do a (modified) program I found on (hope it's ok that I'm mentioning this here). I'm going to attempt to work through Jamie Easton's LiveFit program - working on getting toned. Weight loss would be great (obviously), but I want to be healthy more than anything. I want to have a hint of upper body strength, at least.

BTW, if anyone knows how I can link my MyFitnessPal account to my blog, I'd be forever grateful... Thanks! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teensy tinsy accomplishment

I went an entire day without drinking a soda. :) For me, that is a very big deal. I have a very close relationship with caffeine. LOL! However, I also just really like the taste. I'm not able to switch to diet soda due to reactions I have to the chemicals. And quite frankly, even if I could, I wouldn't because that diet stuff tastes like a chemical sh*tstorm in a can!

So anyway - Goal #1 Accomplished: One full day soda free! :)

(Not making any promises about tomorrow)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Damn setbacks

Finally felt recovered enough from the torn tibialis anterior & messed up ankle to get back to the gym. Made it one day this week & was quite happy with my efforts.

Then I ended up in the hospital. Started out as a simple fingernail infection. The antibiotics I was placed on gave my an esophageal ulcer, leaving me basically unable to swallow pills. That sent me to the hospital for 2 days to receive IV antibiotics. Even got to miss my son's first field trip. :( Then I had to go back into the ER tonight to have the finger lanced open. I'm hoping this is the start of the uphill drive in all this. Not sure I can take much more!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Warrior Dash 2013

I was definitely not in shape enough to do the Warrior Dash this year, but I was bound & determined to do it. I was recovering from a torn tibialis anterior (muscle in my lower leg) & probably shouldn't have participated, actually. (Oops) However, it was an amazing & empowering experience. I got out there (along with the hubs) & showed myself that I *am* strong enough to do this. I did all of the obstacles without help - which is huge. I was totally terrified I was going to break my neck (or my already injured leg!). I did manage to injure my ankle pretty badly right before the last obstacle, so I did not get my finisher's medal. :( It's ok, though. I did WAY better than I ever though possible. Aaaaand, there's another mud run coming up in October nearby that I'm dying to sign up for. :)

BOTTOM LINE: If *I* can do it, so can you!!!



Ever reached that moment in your life when you realize that something has to change??? I've finally hit that moment. It's taken a lot of stress, anxiety, & general crap happening to get me here - but finally, here I am.

~I am done making excuses for being out of shape.
~I am done being a doormat for everyone.
~I am done being the butt of everyone's jokes.
~I am done settling for less than I deserve.

This Little Mama is ready to make some serious changes. I already have a gym membership, it's time to start using it again!