Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Changing my eating habits

One of my biggest issues is (has and always will be!) my eating habits. They suck. Royally. I used to track what I ate & I was so embarrassed by the amount of calories I took in some days that I just quit doing it. Even to this day, I don't want to track what I eat. I become obsessive over it. I also don't "diet". The minute I decide to "diet", I go into this weird craving mode where I HAVE to EAT ALL THE THINGS. I have actually changed my eating habits some over the last year, since my husband finally decided to kick it into gear & lose some weight. (He lost around 80 lbs, BTW!) 

I don't cook, which is a big part of my problem. I get hungry so I grab whatever is quick & easy - which usually ends up being something processed & awful for me. Sooo... I actually planned ahead (at least a little). I hard boiled some eggs & made baggies of veggies that I could grab when I got hungry. Kinda proud of myself for this one. :) Let's hope this is the start of a positive habit rather than a one-off type of deal!

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